Deliverance features an eclectic and diverse mix of music including Hiphop, Drum n Bass, UK Garage, Bass Music, Cinematic, Halftime, Fully Live Band, Hybrid Live Electronica, Tekkers of various flavours* such as Tech/Deep/House, Progressive, Acid Techno, maybe some Rave/Bassline, and literally whatever our highly skilled Journey DJ's decide to dig out of the crate.

I mean... if you know, you know the host likes surprises. If you're fixed in whatever genre you're into and hate exploring new things, this probably isn't the party for you.

**With sincere apologies to anyone confused, this definitely is NOT a Doof** - please don't buy a ticket expecting a solid program of "Doof Music" - this is not intended as any disrespect, it's just that in the past, the host discovered that the nature of "Doof" events is.... very much an all-or-nothing type deal with it's true fans. And that's totally fine!!! However, for THIS gathering in particular, well... it's about sharing and exploring NEW sounds while giving shoutouts to the old skool and our focus is more on hanging out and catching up with friends than your spiritual dancefloor experience. There will be stuff you love, maybe stuff you don't love. Mingle. Make new friends. Socialise. Rest.

*It's STILL NOT A DOOF in 2024 :p

This is the 2024 Lineup

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