Deliverance features an eclectic and diverse mix of music including Hiphop, Drum n Bass, UK Garage, Bass Music, Cinematic, Halftime, Fully Live Band, Hybrid Live Electronica, Tekkers of various flavours* such as Tech/Deep/House, Progressive, Acid Techno, maybe some Rave/Bassline, and literally whatever our highly skilled Journey DJ's decide to dig out of the crate.

I mean... if you know, you know the host likes surprises. If you're fixed in whatever genre you're into and hate exploring new things, this probably isn't the party for you.

**With sincere apologies to anyone confused, this definitely is NOT a Doof** - please don't buy a ticket expecting a solid program of "Doof Music" - this is not intended as any disrespect, it's just that in the past, the host discovered that the nature of "Doof" events is.... very much an all-or-nothing type deal with it's true fans. And that's totally fine!!! However, for THIS gathering in particular, well... it's about sharing and exploring NEW sounds while giving shoutouts to the old skool and our focus is more on hanging out and catching up with friends than your spiritual dancefloor experience. There will be stuff you love, maybe stuff you don't love. Mingle. Make new friends. Socialise. Rest.

*but - rejoice, as we DO plan to do another party with more focus on that genre next year - because we love retro just as much as you do :)

In no particular order. Because No Rockstars (They're ALL Rockstars)

Angus Green

Angus Green is a respected name in the UKG re-emergence, with success and support both in Australia and the UK.

Whilst his focus is on UKG he also likes to keep his sound diverse, incorporating many styles and genres including house, bass and even hip hop and seamlessly melding them into his sets.


Hey I'm Br!zZ, a dynamic DJ with 3 years of experience, and a heart that beats for liquid drum and bass.

Entertaining the crowd is my specialty, as I skillfully blend soul-stirring beats, creating an enchanting experience that lingers in the hearts of the audience.

With an infectious energy and genuine connection, I can turn every event into an unforgettable celebration of music.

Let the rhythm carry you on a mesmerizing journey as you dance and connect to the magic of my tunes!

Ranty's notes: i've been following the rise of this Glen Innes local for a couple of years now.

I've known her mum forever - but Brighid Saxon is just awesome, so i've had her play at a few of my local events this past couple years. At one of them, we had an actual speaker stack collapse during her set - the subs literally vibrated the tops (which were strapped) off the stack - obviously this cause a pause - and this sort of thing should be enough to rattle anyone.

I was massively impressed with how this DJ handled this in her stride, having what was a superb set of liquid cut in half, having to restart, with so little actual experience - she handled it like a pro. This was when i told her, "i really, really want my friends to check you out because you have talent, and nerves. You're going to go far."

She was just 17 at the time if i recall correctly.

To have someone this good, come from a small town with (at the time) pretty much not anyone (other than me, obviously, haha - and a few others :p) pushing DnB - with no one to learn from, totally self taught - i seriously recommend you check out her set. In fact, that's kind of the point. i'm gonna make ya.

This sista has what it takes. :)


Full time Dj, Producer & Artist, Butterz has been making unsuspecting clubbers and party goers loose their minds on the dancefloor for over 20 years.

A staple in the South East Queensland Dance music and art scene theres a high possibility you’ve caught him playing delicious progressive and tech at his own long serving Sunday night Residency @ Brisbane’s Laruche, playing Lowdown Instrumental Hiphop and beats at his 15 year Residency at Rumpus Room in West End or on stages at the great south east’s leading festivals including Earth Frequency, Elements, Mushroom Valley, Interstellar Groove & Rabbits Eat Lettuce.

He started an event imprint called “Melt” alongside Open Records’ Jesse Kuch, Aprø & Christian Kerr & Christopher Brooks which has been causing some serious waves, known for extreme decor setups & hosting the likes of Tim Engelhardt, Atish, Bog, Dousk and Australia's golden children Doppel & Somersault as well as helping curate Open Records parties and countless festival pre and after parties.

Liam has also recently been getting around Melbourne at some of the cities premier night spots including My Aeon, Circus & the infamous Breakfast Club.

Keeping his fingers in many pies, He’s also one of the lovers behind the infamous Love Camp you can find renegading their way through a wide array of outdoor festivals on the South East Coast and is also known for his wild and colourful Artwork, Decor & Staging for various parties around Australia.

An all round nice guy and a true purveyor of his craft, Butterz’ trademark sound of Deep Progressive Techno and House is sure to be raising eyebrows this year as well as coming correct with an onslaught of releases set to come out on Open Records in the new year!


Widely accepted as one of the most standout drum & bass producers to come to prominence in recent times, and as the inventor of a new genre - CYBERNEURO, BILLAIN is a master of auditory innovation and has rightfully earned himself his reputation as a well-respected influence on the genre. BILLAIN has received support from some of the biggest names in drum & bass claiming releases on VISION, CRITICAL MUSIC, BLACKOUT, EATBRAIN, and BAD TASTE to name only a handful.

The signature BILLAIN sound is rooted in early influences like The Prodigy and Aphex Twin.

After learning the details of production by making hip-hop and techno, drum & bass became the preferred medium for his musical ability. In 2011, BILLAIN released the two-track Kontra EP via CITRUS, and only one year later appeared on BAD TASTE with Batbots / Manifold.

Following this release, his Blockfield EP dropped in 2013, further solidifying the energetic and technical aspects of his sound with “Boogie” and “Blockfield”. Shortly after was the release of the pivotal Colossus EP, which proved to a now extensive fanbase that BILLAIN was easily capable of elevating the already high expectations coupled with the neurofunk drum & bass genre.

Bearing extraordinary and atypical tracks such as “Terminal” and “Autonomous” (along with support from renowned electronic platform UKF MUSIC), this release served as a clear-cut route to even more noteworthy projects.

In the same year, BILLAIN was seen on OWSLA with an astounding remix of Koan Sound’s “Tetsuo’s Redemption”, and later released a trailer for his Colonize EP working alongside Sarajevo-based Marvel artist Enis Čišić.

Proving his proficiency in multiple forms of art, the trailer also served as the first taste of a multi-chapter sci-fi narrative published alongside the EATBRAIN-backed EP.

Aside from a myriad of musical endeavors, BILLAIN has done extensive sound design work for major projects including the films Hunter Killer and Pacific Rim Uprising.

He also employs his diverse skill set for HYPERBINARY, a sophisticated audiovisual project that includes the TERMINAL virtual reality music channel — the very first of its kind. A second alias of his dubbed AETHEK builds further on his proven production expertise with a striking style focused on intricate, complex sound design over musical arrangement.

Flaunting an EP release titled 1991 VG on visionary imprint RENRAKU GLOBAL MEDIA and additionally handling all composition and sound design work for Ebb Software’s most anticipated game "Scorn", AETHEK’s highly experimental yet cohesive approach to music has proven that he is in no way restrained by the boundaries of the norm.

Endless self-improvement and a tireless work ethic validates that BILLAIN is taking several key steps toward the future of experimental art. He has been rewarded as the best regional artist by Croatian electronic music awards, His Debut Album "Nomad's Revenge" is nominated for the "Best Album of the Year" in British DnB Awards, featuring a short film released with the album with actors, animators that had worked on "Blade Runner", and guests MC's of highest caliber such as Orifice Vulgatron from Foreign Beggars.

His second album’s single “Infinite Blue” premiered on Adult Swim, widening the influence of the previous narratives, and shortly after that he has released a short scifi film “Fugitive”, a “Cyberneuro” film which connects his creator colleagues around the world.

Aside from the support of Funds of Cinematography Sarajevo and IT company Symphony from Bosnia, his film has gained international support from FL Studio, Kilohearts. The film brought him and his team 7 awards and numerous official selections and honorary mentions at prestigious film festivals worldwide.

Billain's work has been supported by Noisia, Amon Tobin, Chris Cunningham, Teebee, Glitchmob and MrBill to name a few. Billain's next plans involve releasing the cluster of 7 albums intertwined with story narratives that have been unlocked by the debut album.

~ Bru sayts: TLDR: this is fucking huge, fam!

Deliverance are stoked to have Adis back for the second time - we were the first to bring him to Oz with partners back in 2013, so it only makes sense that we play host once more to this incredibly talented artist. Prepare to have your brains melted.


Cannabidroids (Feat Ezmay)

"Angelic Siren, Majestic Maestro and Bass-ic Alchemist"

Together, they're a cosmic cocktail of ethereal enchantment, majestic music, and deep frequency sorcery!


Ezmay, the one with the voice that can swoon angels into a trance (or at least, that's the goal), Jacob's the musical mad scientist who oscillates between fluffy clouds and commanding thunderstorms, and J3... well, let's just say they're the navigator on this spaceship of sound


.Come join them on a musical journey where you'll be enchanted, captivated, and maybe even levitate a few inches off the ground.


Whether you're here for the ethereal vibes or just to groove to some deep frequencies, they've got the Medical  Grade Bush Tekka's  covered!



Chris Munky & P.Smurf

Chris Munky, straight outta Bristol, UK is Banana Bombs Records’ label boss, producer  and worldwide touring DJ with the likes of Chali 2na, Eva Lazarus, Gardna & INJA.

Munky provides the finest selection in bass weighty gems from the past, present and future; in a smile-laced, dancefloor-inclusive set. His dubwise to junglist flavours are sure to nice up  the area at every soundsystem event.

To date, Chris has performed in 32 countries worldwide. From Mumbai to Vancouver, Northern Bass to Glastonbury and beach festivals to aircraft hangars; providing the finest selection in bass-weighty gems from the  past, present and future.

He has also collaborated both live and in the studio with with the likes of Eva Lazarus, LTJ  Bukem, Royalston, Serial Killaz, Aphrodite, Chali 2na, Baby Bam (Jungle Brothers), INJA,  Gardna, Parly B, P.Smurf & Dub Fx.

Original productions and remixes can be found on Murkt, Scratches Records, Liondub  International, Westwood Recordings, High Chai Records, Gravitas Records, Muti Music  and his own Banana Bombs Records imprint. P.Smurf is an acclaimed Australian Hip-Hop MC and founder of Sydney Independent HipHop label, Scratches Records.

While establishing strong repute through his collaborative projects Daily Meds, Reverse Polarities and Sketch the Rhyme, Smurf, as he is colloquially known, has remained an integral part of the Hip Hop community for well over a decade. Boasting years of experience co-managing the renowned Big Village Records and touring company Freshly Squeezed; Smurf has earned a place amongst Australian  Hip-Hop legends with more than just his music.

As an artist, P.Smurf champions an unmissable raw voice, speaking on political and social issues, encouraging awareness and inclusivity in his message. An established youth worker and music teacher; Smurf has been a long-term facilitator of Hip-Hop workshops for youth around the country, working closely with public schools and companies such as  Desert Pea Media, Heaps Decent and School Of Rap.

Smurf uses Hip-Hop as a way to speak to the world and make a change, and it works.

Coco Varma

Born in India, raised in London, Coco is a humanist, artist, producer, DJ and composer, always defying genre categorisation to being a pioneer of multiple musical movements since the late 80’s. From his origins at infamous UK record label Street Sounds where he co-produced tracks for the first British Hip Hop album to be made outside the United States, Faze One Heroes (1987) and remixing artists such as Scott La Rock & KRS 1 of Boogie Down Productions to selling out the Sydney Opera House with his band earthtribe, early new millennium.  Coco remains an eccentric entertainer and genre defying producer.


Coco qualified as a sound engineer in 1985 when analogue studios and reel to reel tapes were the tools of the trade.  London at the time was in the grip of Thatcher and her war on the emerging Rave, UK Hardcore and Hip-Hop music scenes. Coco experimenting with a Commodore 64, Ensoniq SQ80 and the ubiquitous Atari 1040 began releasing a series of 12” Electro and UK-Hardcore hits under the moniker T.A.S (The Altered States) that he started with Lee Bennett of Faze One, on Profile Records. Profile was home to the likes of Run DMC, Twin Hype and Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock.

Coco concentrated on exploring electronic music production and immersed himself in the cultures he grew up with, Reggae, Ska, Soul, Motown and Jazz-Funk by frequenting clubs, sound systems and buying up vinyl. In his family home, Coco couldn’t escape the soundtrack of Bollywood, Indian Classical and Qawwali.  Sadly, elements of the Skinhead subculture and football hooliganism in London were on the rise back then, often isolating people of Indian or Asian descent. Physical abuse, too often came with that stance, with Coco, like many others, unfortunate enough to experience it.


Alchemy is instinctive to Coco whose broad influences, combined with quirky creativity and production wizardry meant many T.A.S tracks like Forever in Your Dreams, Make Some Noise, Circles and Must Be the Music stormed pirate radio, charted number one in record stores and broke barriers in the UK Rave scene ahead of later seminal tracks, like Prodigy’s Charlie. Always ahead of the artistic curve with T.A.S which was on rotation at infamous dance music institutions like Fabio & Grooverider’s Rage at Heaven nightclub, Interdance at Sterns and the infamous Dungeons (Hackney) in DJ Ellis Dee’s selection box.

Coco effortlessly used tabla (Indian percussion drums) alongside electronica as early as 1990.  Synthesising traditional timbres from around the globe with a London bass sound that became a hallmark of Coco’s sound. In 1991 the CD was released called Dr. Fourier’s Friendly Vibes EP by MadQ & Coco (Q Brute Records), when he also collaborated with DJ Vibes and DJ Rock on the V.C.R EP (King Meat Records). Around this time there was also a rebellion amongst young British artists, DJs, mixers, producers and entrepreneurs of Indian/Bengali/Pakistani extraction who wanted to be heard and taken seriously by the music business.


Having had more than a helping hand in pioneering UK Hip Hop, Hardcore, Rave, Bigbeats, Jungle and Drum & Bass, Coco was a lead conspirator for what became known globally as the genre - The Asian Underground - very much looked upon & respected as it should be, two decades on, consolidating it’s artistic place in musical history!

For Coco he didn’t want a label or a genre box to be confined by. The music he was producing at the time was just evolution, natural sound selection, but the mass media couldn’t see beyond his origins. Instead labelling him, “The Asian Leftfield”, “The Asian Prodigy”, “The Asian Underworld”, “The Asian Misty and Roots meets James Brown”… and so on and so on.

Coco’s live concept, one earth, one tribe aka earthtribe broke down racial barriers and musical stereotypes.  Always innovating and collaborating with residencies at Scala, 333 Club, The End, Blue Note, as well as performing at Shepard’s Bush Empire, Ministry of Sound, Fabric, The Dog Star and Brixton Academy. Alongside Joi, Talvin Singh, the late State of Bengal, Badmarsh and Shri, Asian Dub Foundation and later Nitin Sawnhey, Coco was at the forefront of the now globally recognised movement of heavy bass, breaks and bigbeat with a swathe of Eastern instrumentation.  

Some sceptics laughed off the music success of these originators, brown people making something new by melding East and West music cultures as a novelty trend.  Fast forward to Chase and Status’s Eastern Jam to pop icons Black Eyed Peas, M.I.A and Timbaland and Missy Elliot’s effervescent Get Your Freak On the sounds of tabla and Bollywood samples have climbed main-stream pop charts ever since. Luckily, punters, fellow artists and the surgencies of individual music makers forged an infectious sound that continues to impress audiences today.

Coco also formed the seminal label, club night and lifestyle ethos, Sitarfunk (1997), their first compilation featured Bi-Polar, Mo Magic, Up, Bustle & Out, Transglobal Underground, TJ Rehmi and Indian Ropeman.


Coco’s versatility moved from Eastern infused dance music to a British Bass sound that was in tune with his peers, environs and his own musical tastes. He has also shared the stage or played alongside most modern luminaries, to name a few: Lee Scratch Perry, Mad Professor, Kenny Larkin, Ananda Shankar, Underworld, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Squarepusher, Nile Rodgers, Kula Shaker, Nigel Kennedy, Funkadelica, Fat Boy Slim, Zion Train, LTJ Bukem, Barry Ashworth, Kraftwerk, Sister Nancy, DJ Patife, DJ Vadim, Chase and Status, David Rodigan, Aries, Afrodite, Hospitality, Johnny Osborne, London Elektricity, the late Andrew Weatherall… the list goes on.


Bit of a kent, bit of a darl..

DKK has been curating some hefty waves internationally in recent years. Initially embarking on his journey through music and sound as a drummer, playing in various rock and metal bands.. Recent years have seen him delving into the deep organic lower frequencies of the Didgeridoo. Naturally, when he got behind dem 1's n’ 2's, DKK gravitated towards the realms of Drum & Bass and 140 flavours.

This journey amalgamates DKK’s intricate understanding of rhythm and percussion along with his refined resonance and relationship with the lower frequencies. Heavily influenced by his obsession for the realms lesser known and his strong connection to rhythm, DKK conducts a uniquely deep, diverse and intricately textural atmosphere wherever he darlivers. These frequencies have been felt throughout QLD, NSW and across the pond in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Recently, DKK jumped on board with UK station, Data Transmission Radio. Streaming a monthly 2hr show on the last Saturday of every month. Showcasing his selections from pre-releases, freshly released material and some cheeky Dubs through all tings 140 and Drum & Bass.
With support slots alongside some of the finest in the game such as, Alix Perez, Dom and Rolland, Monty, Halogenix, Kasra, Enei, Particle, Klinical, Loefah, Truth, Gerra & Stone, K-Motionz, DJ Hybrid, to name a few.. DKK has well established himself as a heavy contender in the scene.

This badman is guaranteed to capture the minds, bodies and imaginations of all who embark on his journey through time and bass..


Duos is the moniker of Brisbane based Drum & Bass artist, and 8Ball Audio label director James Millis.

An exponent of low-slung hooners, wonky halftime, and sharp technical oddities; his love of low frequency immersion has helped establish himself as one of the long-standing partisans of quality bass music on the east coast of Australia.

Along his journey he has topped the beatport Drum & Bass release chart, had a fair few beers about it, and journeyed into the unknown to pump the guts out of a bunch of high-end sound systems,

A never-ending drive to absorb, produce, remix, and edit the music he loves leaves him with a unique toolkit to unleash each time he steps up to a sound-system.

M e d i a L i n k s




Daddy Longlegs

Hovering through frequencies of Breaks, Drum & Bass, UKG, Footwork, Jungle, various sub-textures, Soul & Roots culture - & with performances at Wide Open Space, Earth Frequency, Island Vibe, Twisted Frequency, Bush Week, Subtropics & Burning Man to name a few.

Spanning over 17 years active on Australian shores to Bristol and beyond - Daddy Longlegs sets are always a carefully woven web of forward thinking electronica.


A Ngāi Tahu woman born and brewed in the deepest depths of the South Island, Aotearoa, Darl is now a part of the furniture of the SEQ Bass scene, and a regular of the influential collective - Hex Selectors/Amalgaz/Sub Sbass.

Based on the Sunshine Coast of Aus, this darlbaucherous bass rat has been leaving a lasting imprint in her tracks for the best part of a decade.

Being initiated into the scene and her sound/s at the very bottom tip of the planet, it was inevitable that Darl would delve to the grottiest trenches of the underground realms.

After 2 music heavy years in Vancouver, she amalgamated the flavours of North America into her own unique, classy darliverance.

Her impeccable taste accompanied by a deep connection to all things rhythm facilitates and incredibly unique and powerful atmosphere on any d-floor, leaving a lasting impact on all who embark on the journey with her.

Said impacts have been made from the far south of NZ to the northern end of East Coast Australia, with regular appearances at festivals such as, Earth Frequency, Elements, Island Vibe, Biophillia, Manifest and Amalgarhythmz/Sub Sbass, not to mention a plethora of underground renegade bush raves where she’s endeavoured to bring a unique flavour to the sound community.

When some of the best internationals tour her neck of the woods, she’s on the top of the support list.. she’s been on duties for Monty, K Motions, Truth, Mad Zach, Hybrid Minds and the Critical label tour with Enei, Kasra, Halogenix & Particle.

Darl is also keeping busy with a new side project collab with fellow darls, DKK & oDDit T, called DidgeriDubz.

A deep dub/140 fusion with DKK on the Didge and oDDit T keeping it a bit weird.

Needless to say, Darl is a profound force to be reckoned with and continually one to keep your eyes on

De La Haye

De La Haye - A baws bass kitty spreading love & basslines

DJ, 4ZZZFM Radio Host on the Brisbane Drum & B4zzz Show, Event Promoter (Junkyard Sessions, Junglettes, Brizbass, Rukus, Rum Jungle), Aspiring Producer, Baws Bass Kitty

The Brisbane Drum & B4zzz Show on 4ZZZ & Earth Frequency 2023 set:

Guest mix for Data Transmission UK - SUBDULGENCE Show with DKK:

Live set from Sun and Bass Festival in Italy 2019:

Sun and Bass Festival Podcast mix, 2017:

Elements Festival - b2b Kosha D, Dec 2020:

New Zealand born and raised Kimi Aroha De La Haye aka De La Haye, has been one of the most hardworking and energetic members of the Brisbane bass scene, since moving to Australia in 2001. With track selection, mixing, and a smile that sets any dancefloor ablaze, De La Haye is a regularly booked DJ, not to mention one of the scene's leading promoters. Before discovering jungle in ’96, Kimi's early musical influences ranged from soul, funk, reggae and hiphop, to rock, punk and metal. Perhaps in this, we find the blue print for her versatility. Whether its dub or ragga vibes, driving techstep darkness, complex drum choppage, or rolling liquid sounds, De La Haye's drum’n’bass sets offer something for all tastes.

All of this has not gone unnoticed by other promoters, as De La Haye continues to amass an impressive DJ resume playing all around Australia, New Zealand and worldwide including the 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 Sun and Bass Festivals in Sardinia Italy, Intrigue Music – Bristol, London, Cheeky Monday - Amsterdam, the 2010 Paradise in Bali Festival and Hong Kong. From being a regular at local events (e.g. Biscuit Factory, Rewind, 420 Sound in Byron Bay, Rum Jungle, Liquid Sessions, Rude Bwoyz, Phat Albeats, BassCreepz, Praxis, Dub Thugs, Adicts, Shifty, Shucka, Proppa, Sting-Land, Junkyard Sessions), De la Haye's cross-genre appeal has also seen her feature at many mixed genre raves and festivals (e.g. Defqon.1, Stereosonic, Future Music, Earth Frequency, Home Gathering, Earthcore, ReAnimator, Mayhem, System 6, Island Vibe, BBQ Breaks, Shhh, Deliverance, Manifest, Blah Blah Blah, Dragonflight, Elements Festival, Amalgarythymz, Expression Sessions, Behind The Pines, Rabbits Eat Lettuce & Bohemian Beatfreaks, Jungle Love, Sub Sbass Inna Jungle, Subtropics, Outer Depths). 2022 saw her feature at renowned UK-Boiler Room style event ‘Keep Hush’ in Melbourne for an all-vinyl jungle set. Recently she joined The Brisbane Drum & B4zzz Show on 4ZZZ 102.1FM as a monthly host.

What cannot be understated is De La Haye’s massive contribution to promoting in the Brisbane broken-beat community over the past 15 years. In 2002 she co-promoted the weekly Freestyle event & radio show at Red Room - Uni of Qld, in 2003 formed the female DJ crew 'Junglettes', in 2004 began the dub and jungle nights 'Ragga'd' and 'Offshoots of Reggae’, and in 2005 started the hard DnB/Dubstep night 'Rukus' alongside SpeakerWrath. Through both collaborations with other local crews and on her own, De La Haye’s events have hosted most of the international DnB acts that have come through Brisbane since. Recent years has seen her team up with Kosha D running the monthly Junkyard Sessions night, as well as handling bookings for Rum Jungle at Sub Rosa. This incredible and often solo effort has been a driving force and integral part in the growth of the Brisbane scene.

De La Haye is one busy Junglette, also managing the Brizbass event mailing list and local broken-beat website that she founded in September 2008, and regularly playing hiphop, funk/soul, house, disco, garage and reggae sets as well, as been a resident DJ of Junkyard Sessions, Rumpus Room, Rum Jungle, Mr Percival’s, Felon’s, Riverbar, The Loft, Solbar, Kerbside, Brew, Soleil and F45 to name a few. However her main focus for 2020 is to lend more time to production. Given the accomplishments and talent shown so far, where she will go from here no one can predict.

International acts De La Haye has supported:

Kenny Ken & MC Foxy, Ruffneck Souljah, High Contrast, Evol Intent, Chris.SU, SKC, Calyx, Dom and Roland, J Majik, Future Prophecies, Noisia, DJ Bailey, Roc Raida, Black Sun Empire, The Body Snatchers, Phace, DJ Storm, D-Bridge, Concord Dawn, Shimon, Mindscape, Ed Rush & Optical, Break & DJ Fierce, TeeBee, Klute, Silent Witness and Squire, Jade, The Upbeats, Dose, Shapeshifter, Zed Bias, State of Mind, Spor & Ewun, DJ Hype & Daddy Earl & Xample, Nymfo, Audio & Robyn Chaos, Flying Lotus, Roni Size & Dynamite, Gravious, Logistics & Cyantific, Bryan Gee, TREi, Axiom, Bailey, Kito, An-Ten-Nae, Salmonella Dub, DJ Presha, Kryptic Minds, ShockOne & Phetsta, Instra:mental, DZ, A-Sides, Strife (NYC), Sook (The Abyss), Cern, Tango, Octane & DLR, Riya, DJ Flight, Netsky, Sigma, Andy C, Camo & Krooked, Metrik, Skeptical, Rudimental, SpectraSoul, DJ Marky & Stamina, A-Sides, OM Unit, Nu:Tone, Truth, P Money, LTJ Bukem, Ed Solo, Chimpo, Hybrid Minds, Fabio, Patife, Chris Munky, Macca & Ed Solo, Deekline, Benny Page, JFB, Ben Soundscape & Collette Warren, Fabio, Makoto, Gerra & Stone, Mollie Collins, Total Eclipse, London Elektricity, A.Skillz, Document One, Alix Perez, Jam Thieves & K+Lab

International/interstate/live acts hosted by Junglettes/Rukus/Junkyard Sessions events (including collabs):

Noisia, Chris.SU and SKC, The Enemy (Evol Intent), Gigantor (Evol Intent), Calyx, Dom and Roland, Safire & Finna (Broken Beat Assault), Lockdown Crew (NZ), DJ Bailey, TeeBee, Black Sun Empire, Ruffneck Souljah NZ, My Ninja Lover, DubDoubt, Heavy Weight Champion, Break and Fierce, State of Mind, Phace, DJ Tasha (Medium/Neighbourhood/UK), DJ Storm, dBridge, Dose, Jade, Sambora (Shapeshifter), The Upbeats, Spor and Ewun, Ritchie Rich (Wise / NZ), Roc Raida, Flying Lotus, The Optimen, Katalyst-B (USA), DJ Hype, Daddy Earl and Xample, Nymfo, Roni Size and MC Dynamite, Telemetrik, Dauntless & Paul Dred, Logistics and Cyantific, TREi, Axiom, Keir and MC LowQui, Klute, Dust & Fiend, Boot & Sook (aka The Abyss), Reso, Kito, InnaSekt, LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad, DJ Presha, Kryptic Minds, ShockOne & Phetsta, London Elektricity, Scuba, Babylon System, Drumsound and Bassline Smith, Heavy Innit (DJs Affiks, A13 & MC Fraksha), Silent Shadow, Blunt Instrument, Samedi Sound System, A-Sides, Sook (The Abyss), Tango, Octane & DLR, Chris Munky, Macca & Ed Solo, SpectraSoul, JFB, Ben Soundscape & Collette Warren, Total Eclipse, A.Skillz


Elektropanda is a big supporter of the Brisbane music scene, starting off doing review pieces for In The Mix,

Being a Guest Judge for Nordic By Natures Dj Comp, you may have seen her previously featuring Regularly on Frequencies Tv.

She was a little late to the broken beats party, she has been playing broken beats the last 4 years.

With her first time out playing for the Rewind crew, followed by Junkyard, & then gaining regular slots at Rum Jungle at everyone’s former favourite bar Sub Rosa.

Her current love of Garage, Bassline, & Breaks has gained her regular slots at Amalgarhythmz, Sub Sbass, & she got to feature with the Femme Fatales at Jungle Love in 2021.

Punters would have heard Elektropanda playing anything from House at regular bookings for Tropical Fruits, Chill music at Earth Frequency, even a bit of pop when she had a residency at the Wickham.

With a diverse taste in music and the love of multi genres, gives her the ability to play to any crowd. Elektropanda’s current repertoire includes Drum & Bass, Breaks, Garage, Bassline, Tech House, Psy Dub, and anything in between to get your booty shaking.

Entoptic (VJ)

entoptic /ɛnˈtɒptɪk/
(of visual sensation) resulting from structures within the eye itself

Etymology: ento- + optic
ento: word-forming element used chiefly in biology and meaning "within, inside, inner," from Greek ento-
optic: from Middle French optique, obtique (c. 1300) and directly from Medieval Latin opticus "of sight or seeing," from Greek optikos "of or having to do with sight," from optos "seen, visible," related to ops "eye,".

Entoptic is a very active and in-demand Australian media artist (VJ), performing live at a great number of festivals and corporate engagements Australia-wide.

Entoptic's meticulously layered visual shows are an orgy of intelligently blended motion loops with unique custom content, controlled live to ensure the viewer is sufficiently mesmerized.


FarfetchD is one of the rarest animals in the outdoor party scene. A rare one to catch indeed, Predominantly he has produced a flavour of raunchy, funky glitch hop, but has recently gone to the deeper side of bass music.

This untamed beast unleashes tight drums,Intricate bass and sneaky, sleazy grooves with ridiculously large sounds to build the kind of vibe that awakens the animal within us all. By the end of a set don’t be surprised to be screaming, swinging from branches or throwing banana peels at loved ones. FarfetchD has played at the top festivals in Australia such as Rainbow Serpent, REL, Earth Frequency, Esoteric and many more, He has also spread his wings and travelled afar touring alongside the best in the game Internationally.

This rare and unique species is a solid staple to any proper glitch/bass session…. Previously releasing music through the heavyweight glitch labels of the world; Muti Music, Simplify Recordings, Delicious Music, Empathy Recordings, Pooty Club Records, Monstra, Adapted records, Digital Whomp, Rough Division, GHC, Producer Dojo and Junkfood Recordings. The innovative take on bass music that is FarfetchD continues to evolve and fans cannot get enough.


GIV VJ is Iain Mackay — a ‘72 model Australian mixing Scottish passion with German technique.

Living in Armidale, NSW he finds time and love for producing visual elements and programming effect lighting.

His VJing fuse was first lit mixing friend's photos and home videos on a modest desktop projector.

Now he has branched out working with music concept shows, theatre, and outdoor dance festivals.

His keen interest in films plays out with nostalgia samples mixed with parameter tweaked sound responsive live visuals, and live camera.

Where possible the colour palette and energy is unified with in-step effect lighting controlled from the same software that mixes the projection/led wall.


‘Grug’,is the solo bass project of Sam Knights, co-founder/director of theAustralian Bass music label 8Ball Audio alongside Duos and Bustaflux.The Grug project focuses on a variety of deep electronic bass musicinfluences combining styles  such as halftime, drum and bass, deepdubstep & leftfield/psychedelic driven bass styles of all sorts.

Since 2009,Sam has been playing an array of bass music styles under anassortment of alias's. Since performing as Sobek across Australia, NZand the UK over many years, he has been focused on providingversatile DJ sets as ‘Grug’,  inclusive of fresh productions,unreleased girthy boys and a vast stack of hand picked favourites.


Most notably known for being completely AWOL, the Northern Rivers based DNB Witch Helmi has been floating in and out of the scene for over ten years.

Surveying various bass heavy genres such as dubstep, glitch & halftime, but always maintaining her unbreakable bond and central focus of Drum & Bass.

Helmi's sets are a tight weave of deep, brooding & techy threads.

Pure escapism brings you an alchemical quickening of pace, exploring a synergy of minimal melodic rollers to writhing, tactile & capricious neurofunk.


well deserved addition, another long time supporter of this event, super happy to give her another go on the big rig



Co-owner and Content Manager of and Addictech Records, Hypnotech has direct access to the upfront music of leading labels and artists in the international underground community.

Focusing on booty warping bass heavy dancefloor transmissions, dedication to cultivating the finest in electronic music is obvious in every set. With unlimited access to thousands of the world’s best labels, performances contain a broad palette and a diverse taste of the sounds of the future in combination with classics, original productions, remixes and collaborations.

Becoming a fixture in the underground San Francisco circuit in 2000 and expanding from there to an international stage, Hypnotech has played an endless amount of festivals, clubs, and underground renegades with his hi fidelity sound. Specializing in musical journeys with a psychedelic edge, the commitment to presenting underground music to the global community is notorious, from peak time dancefloor insanity to ambient of of body experiences.

Currently settling down for a moment in Melbourne, he is one of the regular DJ’s you will hear at the majority of outdoor festivals in Australasia, with occasional returns to the US and strange sightings in the most bizarre parties you’ll find on planet earth, catch him while you can.

For undiluted holotropic audio transmissions you need to look no further.

In 2003 launched as the premier source for tweaked out electronic vinyl.

Specializing in breakbeat, dubstep, electro, hip hop, and IDM, lead the charge in filling record bags of DJs all over the world with the glitched out, heavy sounds from the international underground.

2006 issued a new era of music distribution to the world, and Addictech moved forward by adding their digital download service to the site. Taking the initial inspiration of those sounds to the digital market, Addictech continues to forge the path of future music by supporting the labels and artists with direct relationships and exclusive content, exposing the freshest labels to the world and providing an unrivaled marketplace of the purest quality electronic music. With an all new team in 2018 with a new storefront and a streaming/subscription service on the way, the brand is set to regain its foothold on underground electronic music distribution.

In 2007 the Addictech Records label was born, stepping into the ring with an incredible roster of bass music’s finest producers. Releasing 12″ vinyl, CDs and downloads, in one year Addictech Records grew to be one of the most respected breakbeat/bass labels in the US.

The label evolved over the years and continues pushing forward with the sound, incorporating the best in Glitch Hop, Dubstep, and IDM – with an incredible release schedule planned for the future, it appears there is no stopping this bass worshiping juggernaut.

Addictech Records has released tracks by: Si Begg, Opiuo, Birds of Paradise, Cursor Miner, The Lawgiverz, SOTEG, Spoonbill, Kalya Scintilla, EPROM, Boreta, ill.gates, Bird of Prey, Austero, AMB, Skeetaz, Justin Maxwell, Ion Driver, Habersham, Fine Cut Bodies, Quanta, Nominus, JNR Hacksaw, Digital Rust, Bird of Prey, Bran Richards, Vinja, rkidz, Luke Mandala, Future Funk Squad, VENT, Crystal Distortion, Vibesquad, Gibson, Weaponshouse, Audiovoid, Neuronaut, :Metaphor:, Libton, Seied, Sun In Aquarius, Kaglar Omega, and Tha Fruitbat and many others.

Hans Haveron (USA) LIVE ART

American Artist/Costume/Body Painter/Clothing Designer/Muralist Hans Haveron

Hans has been part of Team Deliverance since the very first one in 2010.

Hyper fast live painter, body painter, muralist and all round awesome character.

We are SO excited to have him back, producing not just an amazing installation, but also doing live painting, body painting, and whatever else we can talk him into ;)

Former Disney Artist, original Facebook HQ interior muralist, street artist and muralist, illustrator, costume designer, film, music video & television art director, interior & exterior design consultant, sculptor, toy designer, custom hot rod, boat and airplane airbrush artist, body painter and clothing designer from Los Angeles.

Originally from Austin, Texas Hans was raised by professional artists and art professors. He gains his inspiration from Mother Nature, pop culture, history, architecture, fairy tales & fashion.


IRISDREAMPIANO! Prepare to be enchanted by the lilting magic of her keys


IrisDreamPiano is a fusion of classical and modern ambient piano styles.

Taking you on a journey through decades of passion for the sounds of piano blended with the digital technology of electronic stage pianos.

Prepare for a blissful downtempo soundscape.

Jesse Kuch

Jesse Kuch is a journalist, DJ and the brains behind pioneering Australian label OpenRecords.

In the 16 years since the label launched Jesse has spearheaded more than 80 releases fromartists from both Australia and across the globe, including his own hit compilations Slow-Release, Festivus and Expansion Pack II.

Along the way, Jesse has established himself as one of Queensland’s most experienced andtoured DJs, playing premiere Aussie festivals Rainbow Serpent, Subsonic, StrawberryFields, Earth Frequency, Elements, Chi Wow Wah Town, PURE, Rabbits Eat Lettuce,Paradigm, Eclipse 2012 and many more, alongside countless club shows and support slots for the biggest names in house, techno and electronica.

The chaos of 2020 proved to be a watershed year for the Brisbane-based innovator.

Not only did Open top the Beatport charts with John Baptiste & Amuze’s stellar release TimeMachine, but Jesse has launched his production career as well with a stunning remix ofThankyou City’s classic Nothin’ But Chi in collaboration with fellow Brisbane talent Boy WithBoat.

Cracking No.3 on the Beatport Progressive House charts and No.10 overall, it was on highrotation by industry heavyweights Hernan Cattaneo, Blond:ish, Jamie Stevens, Eli and Fur,Chicola and more.

Not one to rest on their laurels, the pair followed it up with stellar reworksof Melbourne maestro Tonelab on Open and international superstar James Monro for US heavyweights Proton Music.


A conquistador of booty rumbling bass, purée’d 140’s, heated halftime and complete dancefloor havoc - Luc is a selecta that makes and breaks any styled format of the ancient tradition of disc Jockeying.  

Expect a poleaxing selection of exquisite psytrance, gabba and a chiffanade of speedcore for an extra ladle of divine sonic bathing at your Deliverance this year.  

Special derivary!

Liam Niko

Presenting, but so very far from introducing, a veritable brain behind the beats, the barry, the bullshit and the brockout of the rave scene that symbolises one of Australia's most revered coordinators of nationally memorable moments, Liam Niko.

Liam’s name is one that resonates with such sympathetic resonance so highly within the bass music community of our humble wee wonky shores, that it would be verging on proifessionally negligible to not to do the thing on Wytal’s 2023 stage.

As one of the more notably talented, musically indoctrinated and chronologically honed DJs of most of our times on those famous floors-that-are-D, Liam has left an undeniable and indelible mark on the scene in the depth of ink that Niko themselves would be at a loss to stand up to.

To say we have loved this bloke since the dawn of our time is, in an of itself, an understatement that is comparable to OG mountains and mole hills.

During his more youthful tenure in our collective peripheral, he emerged explosively as a cheeky grinned, classically dub-raised delinquent and well-versed attendee of Brisbane's thriving Drum and Bass scene.

Moving forwards, during the romance of dubstep’s wicked ways with the woofer, Liam’s seamless mixes and notoriously impeccable track selection provided a mesmerizing fusion of blissed out fuckery and bass-heavy bollocks that ignited dancefloors across the country with a familiarly face-melting mix of energy and novelty.

Liam's contributions to the music scene end far from the turntables, however.

Directly contributing to the birth and delivery of our own Deliverance festival, he played a pivotal role in supporting it off the ground from concept to construct, and his passion for joining the dots helped it truly flower during its notorious earlier years.

His enthusiasm for pulling strings and running tings have since extend well beyond Deliverance as his vision settled into the various patches of Australia that said tings were seemingly required.

He comfortably assumed the role of Wide Open Space's production manager during its glory years, elevating the festival from humble beginnings to current heights and making it a documented icon of the Australian boutique festival circuit.

Currently, Liam Niko is at the helm of production for the Earth Freq Festival, continuing his tradition of creating environments that do what he is inspired by every day that he smacks the alarm clock like it owes him money - bring people together through music.

Not to be shadowed by the fact that he has supported almost every major bass music DJ on this cosmically spiralling rock, his dedication to the craft and relentless pursuit of excellence have earned him the respect and appreciation of his peers and fans alike.

An architect of awesome, a veritable human forge unforgettable experiences and a driving force behind some of Australia's most celebrated experiences, it’s easy on this one to advise all in attendance at Deliv 23 of one thing – Just… fucking like… be there. Srsly.

Lickweed & Dayelle

Lickweed has performed around the world including a month long north American tour and appearances in major festivals such as Motion Notion (Canada),Boomtown Fair (UK), Leopalooza (UK) Splendour in The Grass (NSW) RainbowSerpent (VIC), Earth Freqeuncy (QLD) and many more as well as supporting numerous artists such as Andy C, Stanton Warriors, Opiuo, A Skillz, Krafty Kuts,DJ Marky, DJ Craze, Excision, Camo & Krooked, Noisia, Koan Sound, Black Sun Empire, Stickybuds, JFB and many more.

Dayelle has been part of multiple live acts including Desmond Cheese, IndigoRising, The Substance and performed alongside major artists such as Lenzman,Technimatic, Roylaston and many more. Her jazzy rhythms and deep, emotionallyrics are as honest and local as it gets. Her sound flitters from electronic to rootsy quicker than you can blink, yet in spite of her impressive collection ofstyles, it’s always smooth and never jarring.

The two of them together bring a blend of smooth sounds and creative tricks thatnever cease to captivate the crowd and uplift their spirit.


It's Curtis. You know who he is.

Soundscapy goodness. Not Drum n Bass. Something different but excellent cos that's how he rolls.

Curtis will get an actual bio when he sends me one :p.

But the reality is, it's Curtis!!!! And we love Mr Curtis. And the Bunnyhead.

Do you need to know any more than that?

Didn't think so!


MTB - Rudi Timbalez

Meet the Bellylaughs!

This is that part of the gig where we showcase the individual musical talents of our supergroups - yes you read that right. Supergroups - plural.

In the coming weeks, we'd like to do what all great rockbands do - introduce the band. Cos we're old skool as fuck and these are some heavyweight talented humans.


First cab off the rank - Meet the rubeboy himself, boss of our Allied party, Island Vibes - mister Rudi Timbalez. aka rudekat, aka mogs, aka even-more-special-AKA (okay i made that last one up)

Rudi had this to say:

The enigmatic Rudi Timbalez is  rumoured to dwell in the misty hills of the Border Ranges- only venturing from his cassava patch to play reggae, ska and dnb bangers at select venues and festivals.

Rudi’s past escapades have seen him tour as a Dj and bass player to Japan, Burning Man, Berlin, Soundsplash NZ, Woodford, Splendour in the Grass, Earth Frequency, Island Vibe, Orin Aya, Happy Daze and all Australian states. He will be guesting on percussion with Rosie Misschief’s band of musical miscreants.

MissChief Band

From the fairyland, sailing the depths of the seven seas, Rosie MissChief takes you on a magical journey through reggae, dub, dnb, gypsy, hip hop and soul.

MissChief's music has taken her on three world tours, including three gigs at Glastonbury festival, releasing Three albums with Tk and Rose Rosie has played support for RapsKallion and Babylon Circus (FR), with “The Sea Gypsies”, a female pirate circus band, after recording their first EP they went on a 3month European Tour in 2014.

Upon return, her Bands "The Skankstarz" and "420 sound" exploded into action Performing at Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, Kuranda Roots, Bushweek and Island vibes Festival.

She Launched her project, The Rosie MissChief band in 2016 and took it interstate and international playing around Australia and touring to NZ.

This Dynamic lil pocket rocket fuses reggae, dancehall and gypsy with electric Wah Ukulele

"MissChief Band" have just released their first album, avail on CD, Vinyl and USB Rosie has become a prolific performer interstate and internationally with music, fire and cabaret, an infectious energy that'll bring magic and misschief to you!

Monkey Marc


“Monkey Marc is a producer’s producer; staunchly independent and probably Australian electronic music’s best-kept secret. His music channels the spirit of punk, original dubstep, Public Enemy, modern beats and electronic culture, and the heaviest of Jamaican riddims all at once.” - VICE

Monkey Marc is an Australian-Welsh music producer with a trailblazing activist background. He is a co-founder of Melbourne-based DIY HiFi Solar Sound System, one of Australia’s only solar-powered sound systems, and runs a solar-powered shipping container music studio.

After several near-death accidents in his original career as a mining geologist, he switched to a life of music and political agitation, spending years roaming the desert as an activist and guerrilla environmentalist, and performing at protests around Australia with his band Combat Wombat.

Monkey Marc draws inspiration from varied sources such as classic hip hop producers like J Dilla, the UK bass music scene, 70s and 80s punk music, and the Jamaican dub pioneers of the 70s. He has released on labels including Ninja Tune/Big Dada (UK), Jahtari (Germany), Renegade Masters (UK), Elefant Traks, Omelette Records and more recently New York-based Dubshot Records. His releases include As The Market Crashed, Vital Sound, and Bullets Over Bablyon written with Soom T. 

Monkey has also worked with indigenous youth and traditional elders in indigenous Australian communities for over 15 years. He is currently based on Groote Eylandt managing a music studio in the indigenous community of Angurugu.

Not Jen

Not Jen spent her evolutionary years dancing in deep field research, dusting festival dancefloors middle front to middle back, with occasional veering to front left or front right.

But as the years passed she found herself spending more and more time up the back in the analysis division, and realised she had started to develop an uncomfortable case of chin stroke.

Some retrospective examples of her condition at the time: I like how deep this is but I wish it was more playful; I like how playful this is but wish it had more sleaze; I like how sleazy this is but I wish it was weirder; I like how weird this is but I wish it had more bass; I like how bassy this is but I wish it had more groove; I like how groovy this is but I wish it had more queer sass and smut etc.

Eventually she found treatment for this obnoxious condition by putting it to good use.

She bought some equipment and started relentlessly digging for her ideal dancefloor tracks off the field, then layering them together in search of the textured vibe she was after.

She quickly realised she was on to something and has been hooked ever since. She played her first DJ set as Dinob1tch at Deliverance Festival 2014.

She was so obscenely nervous that she barely looked up from the decks the whole time, but she had a blast and apparently the dancefloor went off too.

So things took off from there, and soon she started looking up from the decks to see lots of good stuff happening. She continued playing all around Australia as Dinob1tch throughout the B.C. times, then excavated herself from Melbourne’s collective house arrest in 2021 as Not Jen.

The core of Not Jen's sound sits along the house > techno spectrum, with regular borrows from breakbeat, electro and other wonky realms.

She loves digging deep into the history for its wealth of amazing lost tracks. It’s not unusual for her to mix a jackin house track from the 90s with something that was released last week.

And it works. [bru says: "hells yeah it does" :D]

She puts a lot of love and diligence into every set she plays, and is just as passionate about playing weird grooves at an intimate backroom/side stage/theme camp, as she is belting out peak times on a big stage.

Pomba's Call of the Wild (activity)

Pomba’s - Call of the Wild

I’m Lawrence, aka Pom, me and Bru have been running Wytaliba festivals on and off for 30 yrs. This Deliverance is a magnificent reboot, time to bring in something new...

My passion is reconnecting people to nature and the Earth. Bringing back the old ways of creatingrelationships with the living world and awakening your wild awareness. I want to help you get more connected to the natural world of our valley and the border country of Ngoorabul and Gumbayngirr we live on

I love offering fun, interactive techniques to help you tap into your wild side.

Relearn how to move and think like the animals, slink through the landscape feeling confident, at homeand in tune with the flow of nature, awareness dialed up, hear, sense and see in a deeply connected way.

These skills help us to drop out of the modern/physical mind into our bodies and our spiritual awareness. Leave behind the logical, limiting chatterbox. Drop into something much older and wiser, your spiritual mind, capable of communicating with the living world in ways that are enlivening and nourishing.

I believe this has the power to create cultural change at a grassroots level. Empowering people to remember how wonderful, amazing and magical they really are.
The earth and our communities need you as powerful change agents spreading the love of connection and aliveness as a way to live and support each other.
Let’s rise together!

Deeply connected to the earth and all who live here.

THURSDAY NIGHT - 5.30 - 9.30pm - An evening of connection and sharing stories around the fire
FRIDAY MORNING - 8.30 - 10.00am - Nature Connection based games and skills, learning and fun!
FRIDAY - 11.00 - 11.50am - Deliverance Opening Ceremony

Ceremonial Staff - you are invited to bring or make a small sacred item that is your gift, you can attach it to the staff (organic materials).

This will create a central focus of intention and energy for the festival.

SATURDAY MORNING - 9.30 - 11.30am - Guided River Walk with tracking, bird language and options toswim

There may be further opportunities, once it's happening let's chat and see what else everyone wants to do.
Meeting spot is to be confirmed. Donations gratefully accepted!

For more info and to let me know if ya keen:


Rupert's Poopets

no reboot would be complete without the magic of Rupert's Poopets


Puppets are a fun avenue for artistic expression. They are a way of educating, sharing, entertaining, and inspiring our imagination. They escape the label of being a "Doll. Making the joy of playing with them more accessible for all humans.

Come sit with us and create your Deliverance dance partner. Will it be your alter ego? Will it be in honour of someone missed? will it be a creature fresh from your mind's creation?

Ruppets Poopet and his friends are excited to be returning to the Deliverance Dance floor.

We will be hanging out in a location yet to be decided, you'll find us


all day Saturday. We plan to have a D floor take over sometime on Sunday,

Donations welcomed.

striped sox/long sox


fishing line


thin wire

any materials you think would work. and remember anything goes.


Who am i?...... uuurgh!

I have been an active contributor to the scene for over 20 years. Suppose that makes me a proud' ol' school Doofer. I also identify as a feral, punk, feminist, greenie, educator, queer, and alternative parent. just to name a few.

I found a sense of community and a big family in the festival/doof world.

I learned:

It takes all of us, to keep the culture well. Sitting in circle and creating together with new and old friends feels ancient.

it feels the /right/ way.

I love to facilitate spaces that are inclusive, safe, and fun. Where conversations and knowledge sharing can flow.,it's an opportunity for parents to really "drop in" and create with their kidlet.

We look forward to seeing what amazing creatures are created while we share space with a backdrop of crackin 'tunes. .

* All welcome but please note: we won't be a kid-sitting service, please be mindful we will be playing with sharp things and sticky things and little things and scratchy things. Your little thing needs you to be their big thing



From the raw, roots-driven frequencies of Aotearoa (New Zealand) comes SUB- TRIBE. Rolling in with heavy bottom end grooves, glitchy roots beats and soaring horn lines, expect to be taken on a sonic journey! From dub drenched blues and digital jazz hip hop to ragga & dancehall, SUB-TRIBE
leave no groove base unturned

This 7-piece dub-fusion outfit offer a distinctive approach to the bass and reggae culture movements down under, With captivating, high-energy live performances and feel-good vibes that leave crowds moving for more.

From early 2018 singles like 'Next Phase' with a SUB-TRIBE signature recipe of deep, rolling bass and rhythmic swing, then jumping right ahead to their 2021 releases of their EP REMIXES, which venture further into sub heavy territory while still retaining an accessible, inviting sound, regardless of what you’d usually listen to.

2023 sees the release of uplifting summer tune “Orbit” and a number of new songs ready to unleash for the year along with some amazing festivals to be announced.

Sally Allsorts

Sally Allsorts went to their first rave many moons ago with a bunch of older kids from high school.

It was here they learned making friends with the weird kids was a surefire way to live a good life, the community is what you make it, giants have shoulders that they’ll let you stand on, family means showing up and doing the work and deep true love can be found in and between the beat.

Thankfully not much has changed in the intervening years. Sally has been involved in the scene in various guises since those sweet early days and has been running the much loved Sanctuary space at Earth Frequency Festival for a few years now.

A sucker for heavy synth lines and discordant melodies, total twee and extreme cheese, prepare for a concoction of musical flavours and homages to the best of rave, disco, pop, electro and deep minimal sounds. Interwoven with soul, passion and driven by the ultimate aim of dance floor shenanigans, make ready to haul out those dance floor moves.

Señor Tasty Taste (MZO!)

Señor Tasty Taste the mexican tune wrestler and former Monster Zoku Onsomb! crazy front man has been rocking the decks since he was barely toilet-trained, when he started testing his scratching skills on his Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player.

He grew up in a profoundly musical household, his parents being professional musicians who put him into classical piano, trumpet and jazz guitar lessons from the moment he had enough motor control in his hands to hold a guitar pick and buzz his lips into the trumpet.

He is nonetheless a completely self-taught DJ, buying all the necessary gear with money saved up from a full-time job as a dishwasher and learning by bringing a new piece of musical technology home, plugging it in, and pushing all the buttons until something happened.

Loves bragging about his multiple world tours playing with the likes of Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert, Venetian Snares, Peaches including rocking some of the biggest and baddest festivals around.


Shiptu Shaboo (VJ)

Shiptu Shaboo

Shiptu Shaboo, a transformative force in the realm of visuals has mesmerized audiences for decades within the world of the underground dance scene.

Relentlessly pushing the boundaries to skilfully harnessed the power of pixels to craft interpretations of sound that will invigorate the dance floor.

Si Clone & Gez B2B

Music Style: Techno/Acid/Dark Disco

Si Clone
Bay FM’s resident techno and taco aficionado Si Clone certainly knows a thing or two about selecting records and is well regarded as a veteran of the techno genre in the Northern Rivers region. Originally hailing from Brisbane but based in Byron Bay since 2000, Si Clone has played his quirky deep underground rhythms up and down the east coast of Australia from Tasmania to Cairns and back since 1996!

Si has presented his own webcast radio program 'Submerged' on Bay FM 99.9 since 2000 and also for 3 years prior to that on Noosa Community Radio.

Over the past five years Gez has relentlessly pursued her long held dream of honing her DJ skills and sharing her love of banging tunes and infectious beats with dance floors around Australia. Gez made her DJ debut in 2018 and quickly gained a reputation for being able to rock the dancefloor. She possesses a natural ease behind the decks and has a deep affiliation for what it takes to create a Party.

Gez has played at festivals such as Earth Frequency, Bohemian Beatfreaks, Jungle Love festival, Firefly Festival and Mi Casa Su Casa Festival in Port Macquarie. She has played sets at events such as Lab Leaked Beats, Equinox Tribal Gathering, Envibe, Electric Avenue, Dirty House, Sunday Kicks, Modulate, Last Resort, Balcony Beats and The Rhythm Gala.


Not actually a music act at all, Jase is kind of living decor as well as a living legend.

Since we have an ongoing mutual pisstake thing going on, i figured i'd chuck him on the lineup for the lols - also, as your host, i'm actually all about you, the people who come to this, and this is my scammy way of appealing to his ego so he buys a ticket.

Moohaha. kidding. love ya, mr stompbox! :D

Soom-T (Scotland/UK)

Soom T is an international music artist and songwriter from Glasgow.

Her music is a collection of Soul, Reggae, Gospel and Avant Garde Choral with a strong, spiritual and activist message underpinning her inimitable and diverse vocal capabilities.

She is back in 2023 with her sixth studio album “The Louder The Better” self-produced once again with her own music label Renegade Masters.

Though based in Europe, Soom T appearances and guest featurings are frequently requested by some of the most respected and original creators and artists around the world to collaborate on songs.

More recently, sharing songs with the likes of Queen Omega, Omar Perry, L’Entourloop, The Movement, La Yegros and Reggae Roast to name a few.

An authentic studio addict, Soom T is also a heavyweight MC on stage who will perform at Deliverance - both with a supergroup of talented live musicians from around Australia (The Belly Laughs) to perform her vast catalogue.

and - for the first time ever, performing the sublime hiphop album "Bullets Over Babylon" with co-creator Monkey Marc


Soom T is a Scottish singer of Indian origin.

After having campaigned alongside Y Network, a group of young representatives of Glasgow ghettos aiming to change their city, Soom T decides to devote her life to music to denounce injustices and talk about her daily struggles through militant and impactful lyrics.

She is quickly spotted by the public, in particular thanks to her generous music and her incisive and inimitable flow.

Soom T handles words with incredible ease and has always preached sincerity in her lyrics.

She then becomes an essential artist of the underground reggae scene, known as the "The Raggamuffin Queen".

After fifteen years of activity and nearly a hundred tracks to her credit, she released her landmark album "Free as a Bird" in 2015 on Wagram Music, which shows the full extent of her talent and musical spectrum.

"Ode to A Karrot" (Khanti Records) in 2016, "Born Again" (Strong Foundation) in 2018 and "The Arch" (X-Ray Production) in 2020 will follow.

In 2022, Soom T returns with her new studio album "Good" which she entirely self-produced for her own imprint Renegade Masters.

An album at the crossroads of reggae, dub and jazz, in which she denounces, as usual, the political and social problems of our time.

Soom-T vs Monkey Marc

Never before has this incredible album been performed live - until now!!!

A collab between Australia's own Monkey Marc, and Scottish MC Soom-T, this is some nutso spesh, heavy hitting activist HipHop.

The Bellylaughs (Band)


Back with DJ Ego (i bitza) Captain Grooverlushious and The raggamunchkin, MissChief are joining forcez to represent that REGGAE family...

Creating a never before seen lineup...straight after a before Scene lineup...

ur ears will wobble from phat bass sounds of GinGin.. Iman Dan will B pushing the boundrys of drums while Mr Powder dubs up dem snares...

With a colourful soundscape of Riddem and melodics..

this northan rivers mashup is one not to miss...

Your eyes N EARS will be tantalised...

you may find yourself dancing in the sunshine in a colourful kalideoscope of Phat sounds and dub layers... dont forget your sunnies...

And best of all... the one and Only Rudi Timbalez pon da pots n pans... fresh from Scotland Vibes...there will be a twist... ya gota be in the know to know... or even know where.... if ya are... we will see ya there... did i mention you will get to see Rudi Timbalez?

The Shredder

Bass veteran and soundsystem soldier, The Shredder has been playing for longer than he cares to admit.

As the owner/operator of the custom built Low Lyf HiFi, Shredder lives, breathes and eats all things bassline and breakbeat.

Get ready for an all-vinyl oldschool rinse out! *bassline intensifies*


Hailing from London, via Edinburgh, through Sydney and... Alice bloody Springs - common chav turned archetypal desert hippy Mark Pinfold AKA Treason has always enjoyed making waves, splashes and awkward yellow patches in the musical paddling pools he lands in.

Mark is Versatile DJ and event manager known for deliveranching performances and events that span a coarsely diced blend of chunky genres.

With a core passion for Drum and Bass that started as a teen of the late 90s, but an equal recognition that 48 hours of 174 can do very bad things to perfectly good people, he will happily preference throwing down a thick loaf of Hip Hop at half-time, Dubstep at dusk, Funk at five O’clock somewhere - and everything else in between that butters D-Floor biscuits.

Having shared stage germs with international artists from Noisia to SPOR, Australian sweethearts like Blunt Instrument and Neuron Compost, and UK beat veterans Dan Greenpeace to Vadim, Mark has a proven capacity to craft bass fuelled recipes that cause crowds to jiggle like questionable human pudding and leave their loved ones looking to lick the bowl.

Spending his more silvered years growing old gracelessly in the dry patch of Australia Central’s sheets (Alice Springs - to those who know), Mark killed much time and many brain parts supporting the establishment and development of Wide Open Space festival.

Since then, his dedication and passion for promoting arts and electronic music in weird and wonderful locations has fuelled the long drive to return to the Wytaliban stage in 2023.

With a commitment to pushing boundaries and a documented history of bass music addiction that runs deeper than a thrombosed mineshaft, Treason will be more than happy to delight your dangly bits and fancy your footwork on any stage, any time, any day.

TrentOn | Tranceducer

TrentOn | Tranceducer

Programmed with a deep musical passion, diligent drive and natural manner, TrentOn, also known as Tranceducer is highly regarded throughout Australia’s dance music industry.

TrentOn's dedication to share music that thoroughly fulfills and surprises has him regularly included on Queensland’s biggest dance line-ups.

Adaptable to any environment, TrentOn regularly appears at the finest clubs and festivals and has held his own when supporting many international dance legends.

As well as a constant gigging schedule, 2023 sees the conductor enter the studio to craft his own dance floor ammunition.

This will see him armed and loaded to execute his primary function: converting musical energies into dance floor focused sets of Progressive House and Melodic Techno.

Trifecta of Dopeness

Trifecta of Dopeness - Wyldcard, Jettisun and Master Wolf

What’s better than one skilled rapper? How about three rolled into the same set, with an all in jam to round it off? This year Deliverance is dishing out some serious combo deals. With the smooth and technical flows of Master Wolf, the fluid vocab and unpredictable rhythms of Jettisun and the quick-witted and philosophical flows of Wyldcard, this trifecta of dopeness will bring the warmth to a place they love so dearly. 

Now with added sprinkles of local flavours, this mammoth hip hop session will smoothly slide between solo works of all three emcees as well as some pending collabs. This will be rounded-off with some freestyle jams and a cypher session showcasing some of the local talents on the mic. This combination has never been seen before, and not even this band of misfits know exactly what will happen when they set foot on the Wytaliban stage together.  


LOK, the experimental bass music alter ego of renowned drum and bass producer Xsetra, takes listeners on a sonic journey through wobbly dubstep, dark basslines, deep soundscapes, and punchy drums. Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Sydney, Australia, LOK emerges as an enigmatic force in the realm of electronic music.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres, LOK delves deep into the uncharted territories of bass music, infusing it with his own unique style. With an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and defying conventions, he constructs intricate compositions that challenge the listener's perception of sound.

LOK's sonic creations transcend traditional genre limitations, blurring the lines between dubstep, ambient, and experimental electronica.  At the core of LOK's artistry lies a fascination with wobbly subs, where pulsating basslines take center stage, enveloping the audience in a vortex of sub-frequency madness.

These basslines, meticulously crafted with a keen ear for detail, weave through haunting soundscapes that transport the listener to unexplored realms of darkness and introspection. In this audio labyrinth, LOK effortlessly manipulates sound, creating an immersive experience that captivates the senses.  

Beneath the layers of otherworldly ambiance, LOK's productions are anchored by punchy drums that drive his compositions with relentless energy. The percussive elements provide a rhythmic backbone that sets the stage for the captivating sonic narratives LOK weaves throughout his tracks.

It is through this skillful fusion of ethereal atmospheres and powerful rhythmic elements that LOK's music truly comes to life.

 As the side project of Xsetra, LOK embodies a distinct artistic exploration and serves as a testament to his versatility as a producer.

With a deep-rooted love for drum and bass, Xsetra channels his creative energy into the realm of experimental dubstep and bass music through LOK, showcasing his unyielding dedication to sonic innovation.  In an era where conformity often prevails, LOK stands as a beacon of individuality and sonic audacity.

With each release, LOK invites listeners to embark on an exhilarating voyage, where boundaries are shattered, and the limits of dubstep are continuously redefined. Step into the world of LOK, and prepare to be transported to the outer reaches of bass music's uncharted territories.

earthTribe (UK)


Soundsystem Live

CocoVarma (earthtribe UK)
Ben Walsh (Dhol & Percussion)
Bobby Singh(Tabla)
Greg Sheehan (Percussion)
MCTukka D

earthtribe originated as a live sound system in the UK before the genre Asian Underground became a mainstay of the British Rave & Dance scene.

Described as everything from the ‘Indian Prodigy’ to the ‘Asian leftfield’, earthtribe have always believed in the mantra of ‘oneone earth one tribe’ and their music is a true mash of easternelectronica meets bollywood breaks with the sheer lifeforce of live drum’n’bass, garage, techno and big beat into a sound that you just don’t hear anywhere else.

For this performance earthtribe is bringing together Australia’s greatest proponents of live percussion, Greg Sheehan, Ben Walsh (TheBird) and Tabla Maestro Bobby Singh.

This trio often perform as Circle of Rhythm and are firm festival favourites but add the verybest in electronic dance grooves from earthtribe and we’re in for areally special performance.

earthtribe were formed, had arisen and remained at the core of the British Underground Dance scene for many years.

The original creative corer evolved around the production duo, Coco Varma (T.A.S. - The AlteredStates) & Sanjeev Rupal, then evolving from the studio to the stage with a four-piece live show, including regular members Sanjay Varma on percussion & MC Daddy E plus an ever-changing line up of special guest artists.  

But their style has always been as much about the West as it is the East- intricate rhythms of Indian percussion, Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Raveand Breakbeat against a groove friendly Techno backbone.

Simplifying earthribe’s sound as global music would be an injustice.

It’s atreasure trove of unchartered dance music that isn’t about thumping a few switches, but a virtuosic combination of machines, real instruments and wild imagination.

Timeout best described the earthribe sound as “it doesn’t matter what kind of music whether it’s House, Techno, Trip Hop or the obligatory Drum ‘n’ Bass, because it can all be brought together under one roof”.  

The long delayed earthtribe album release, was due to their extensive touring schedule, having played continents from Europe to as far as Australia spreading a rhythmical message of one earth, one tribe preferring to road-test their tunes to a massive audience.  

A steadfast commitment to providing a live alternative to the DJ experience has seen earthtribe collaborate on stage with the likes of Aziz Ibrahim, Shahin Badar, Mark Gilmour and Lee Scratch Perry.  

The album One Earth OneTribe Vol.1 formed naturally from these live excursions as did a plethora of remixes for the likes of Nitin Sawney, the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn, Ravi Harris, Ray Charles, Moodswings and Transglobal Underground.

They were also commissioned by Sony Music's Higher Ground label at the time, to curate their compilation album, Eastern Uprising Dance Music From The Asian Underground.

In the seminal underground days of Anokha at Hoxton Square’s Blue Noteclub they played the first 50 nights.  earthtribe’s uniquely exciting, open-minded sound means that they can settle into almost any surrounding having toured many festivals and stages: Glastonbury, Sydney Opera House, Tribal Gathering, Ministry Of Sound, Dog Star, The Big Chill, Return to the Source, Heavenly Social, CREAM, WOMAD, Brixton Academy, Fabric, Paleo, Ososphere, Whirl-E-Gig, Escape from Samsara and Outcaste.

But like the Chemical Brothers in the days of the Heavenly Social, the best place to catch earthtribe was at their homemade residency Sitarfunk which had guests as diverse as Squarepusher and Matrix, Spring Heel Jack, Barry Ashworth, Shut Up and Dance and Project 23 to name a few. A historic highlight being a sell out crowd at Shepherd’s Bush Empire for The Big Mash up featuring live performances from earthtribe, Transglobal Underground, the late State of Bengal and sitarist Nilandri Kumar with the innovative guest spot filled by the first ever orchestral Drum ‘n’ Bass outfit Mao Orchesteral. 

Sitarfunk also as a record label, released a collection ofgrooves from Sitarfunk’s club night regulars including, TJ Rehmi, Mo Magic, Bi-Polar, Indian Ropeman and other artists who shared their vision, like Up, Bustle & Out. Earthtribe launched household clubnights, Sitarfunk, Anokha, Outcaste, Swaraj, Eaststatic, Akaash, ClubIndus, Aahtma and Shaanti.


Welcome to the Ever Evolving Sounds of mIDium.

Shifting into forward thinking, next-level music and noise that defy genre and push boundaries.                 
 Skillfully mixing styles featuring a delightful psychedelic buzz and techy beats that demanded you dance.

Thoughtful prog, hypnotic minimal, and a splash of dubby, wobble flavour; somehow relaxing yet thrilling at the same time.

(Label DJ for Kinematic Records & Cosmic Conspiracy Records) mIDium is no stranger to both the outdoor festival and club scene having performed at a large range of multiple day festivals and clubs along the East Coast of Australia.

Now featuring some of his own works in sets, get ready for mIDium's own personal creations gracing your eardrums.


mRas Nitzi

mRas Nitzi (Mръсници), Bulgarian for “filthy people”, is a DJ project that walks the line between the staunch, the sexy and the strange.

This Boss Babe of Bass is an eclectic and dynamic selector sure to drop jaws with her track choices, flowing from old school beasts to fresh flavours from around the world, focusing on big bass & broken beats.

Eve has been slaying dance floors at festivals such as Esoteric in Vic, Wide Open Space in the NT, Burning Seed in NSW, as well as Twisted Frequency, Worlds End, Kiwi Burn & Ponies in NZ, plus an  endless array of club & renegade gigs around Melbourne & New Zealand.

Delivering a hyperactive spectrum of music that ranges from strong female vocals over 808s to dnb, from deep breaks to breakcore, from hip hop & grime to electronic cumbia & afrobeats, from glitch &  idm to intricate chill & triphop, and so much more in between.

Predicting these sets is as futile as resisting enjoyment. This is a ride with an unknown destination and a badass curator, who will lead you on an adventure you will never forget. So strap yourself in and get yourself a dose of mRas Nitzi, you filthy, filthy people.

H e r s t o r y

Eve got into the music industry by becoming passionate about promoting a specific niche of the electronic music artists that reside in Australia, particularly around Melbourne.

Her and two friends  created a festival called Bojangles in 2012, which focused on local talent producing left field electronic music.  After three years Bojangles disbanded but Eve continued on her own path of creating gigs under the name Awesome Sauce, showing off some of the almost untapped talents that reside in Melbourne.

She booked acts that produced and DJed glitch hop, dub step, hip hop, IDM, afrobeats, drum and bass, breakcore, glitch, breaks and experimental electronica.  

After 5 years of organising these events she decided to turn her focus towards curating DJ sets of her favourite music instead of curating gigs of her favourite local musicians.

Her background in running events makes her a breeze to work with because she knows what it's like to be on the other side.  Her eclectic and particular taste in music makes her versatile in whatever time slot a promoter chooses to put her in.

She loves taking people on a journey while respecting the flow of the event and vibe of the set time she is given.

Angus Green








Cannabidroids (Feat Ezmay)


Chris Munky & P.Smurf


Coco Varma






Daddy Longlegs




De La Haye




Entoptic (VJ)












Hans Haveron (USA) LIVE ART




Jesse Kuch




Liam Niko


Lickweed & Dayelle




MTB - Rudi Timbalez


MissChief Band


Monkey Marc


Not Jen


Pomba's Call of the Wild (activity)


Rupert's Poopets




Sally Allsorts


Señor Tasty Taste (MZO!)


Shiptu Shaboo (VJ)


Si Clone & Gez B2B




Soom-T (Scotland/UK)


Soom-T vs Monkey Marc


The Bellylaughs (Band)


The Shredder




TrentOn | Tranceducer


Trifecta of Dopeness




earthTribe (UK)




mRas Nitzi