The Introduction Rant: What we're about.

Our founding principles from way back in 2010 were based around 2 simple concepts.

1. "If 400 friends chucked in roughly $100 or so each, and we spent the lot on getting the best lineup of fresh domestic and imported (live production, visual, graf, installation etc.) artists - who the sheep had never heard of - and put them in a place where we could collectively create long term crazy/functional art - (which would be safe while we weren't there because the site has permanent occupation) what kind of person would we attract, and what could we make together?" 

And what if we chose to bring styles of music (primarily, future hip-hop styles - basically, bass heavy broken beat tweaky/glitchy music with a touch of 4/4) to a setting usually the domain of psychedelic 4/4 only?

2.  To channel energy and funding into a single venue which can never be shut down, rezoned, taken away - creating a legal and approved home for the bass-music community of OZ, while reaching out to like minded freaks across the globe, to create a showcase event for tweakers, producers, artists which would eventually evolve into a full lifestyle-meets-global-bass-olympics event - which also happened to be a world class art gallery surrounded by lush national parks as a side effect. 

The idea being here, that if we as a community understand that energy put into this spot isn't wasted, because we can return over and over.. would that change the outlook and how we felt about the event? If you consider yourself a shareholder in it's future rather than a passive consumer - would you feel more like getting involved and making your mark? Natural art, construction of permanent structures, tree planting, open source input and critique on how to make this venue and event more rewarding for you and our collective tribe?

Would the concept of a limited numbers event change who you invite? Would an eventual membership style system change that even further? Would the offering of shares/actual limited ownership of the event change things even further?

ie: if you were personally responsible for your guests - would you be as free with FB invites? :)

This isn't about being elitist in any way - it's about recognizing that a gathering of truly creative minds in one spot - with music being a side effect rather than the number one aim - could result in amazing stuff.

Personally i love the idea of stuff like natural art shrines where guests would feel totally comfortable to leave crystals and beautiful objects to put out and receive vibrations - without needing to post a security guard - simply because everyone is friends and no one would even dream of causing unhappiness to someone by removing stuff that wasn't theirs.

Also, many of us are either disalusioned with the issues of overconsumption and violence which seem to have infiltrated what were once tight knit community based events. The overcomercialisation and skyrocketing security costs, issues with drug and alcohol abuse, and thus the need to pack as many ticket sales in as possible in order to pay for a safe environment for guests - many of whom are now starting families of thier own, have upon occasion simply added to the issues rather than lessen them.

At Deliverance we favour a back to basics approach, attempting to pull off a nice vibe for all and one which encourages a unified event which flows between different musical styles and gives a little of the limelight to each, while also chilling things down at times so people can step off the dancefloor for a moment and just say hello to those around them, to talk, interact, dream, swim, play, enjoy nature.

Deliverance was also conceived with the idea of a week of workshops before the actual throw-down - of audio and other production workshops leading to collaborations between artists - who could perform (or not) these compositions either during the main event, or at small mini sets during those lead-up weeknights.

I love the idea of eventually building installations during the party itself - some of which may take successive years to complete - the focused energy of hundreds giving up just a few minutes of time a day leading to an eventual temple, or new shower block, or accommodation, domes, earth-ships, whatever.

It is my sincere hope, that once we hit a critical mass of core guests who understand this,  (and are willing to co-create in true partnership with the resident community, to share energy and participate, suggest, work as a team) -  that this will come to pass, and things will evolve from mere dreams into something even better than I imagine it could be.

Keeping to the above principles also led to Deliverance being a Single Stage event - this does present the obvious issue of a limit to the number of DJ Slots - but, conversely this also brings a focus to the event and a certain freedom which multi stage events (in this writer's humble opinion) lack to a certain extent.

The clash of sound systems playing music out of time with each individual stage, basically shits me to tears - and, with a limited event, can split the energy of a party. I have spent untold years at festivals where myself and my friends had awesome adventures, but also had that niggling "wonder where X is just now?" or wandered looking for crew. This is both a blessing and a curse, of course ;) Additionally, individual stages tend to feel a need to create a seamless flow from one DJ to the next, for fear that if they lose the 'flow' they may lose the dancefloor to another stage.

I reject this idea - I believe everyone who plays is incredibly talented, and should be able to stand alone - while understanding that flow is a good thing, i also like to be surprised, and i like the idea of hearing the difference between one artist and the next (old skool punk band guy here) - again, in my humble opinion only - for a 3 day event, there are simply times you need to eat, sleep, chill - and for everyone who leaves the dancefloor because the sound changes from hip hop to trance to dubstep, there will be others back at camp who come running because the music has changed.

Of course, all the above are just my own feelings - this is a collective thing, i'm just one monkey, and none of this would be possible without the patience and support of my tribe - both those who are my permanent neighbours, and you friends who have contributed with your music, art, effort and financial support.

Every rant is open to crap-detection, open source input, and evolution - at the same time, these are not necessarily compatible goals of what many choose to call "a doof" - i'm not trying to create a state of trance here where we lose concept of time or ascend to the next dimension. I feel there are heaps of really cool things we could do in this one, here and now and for a long time into the future yet.

My personal feeling is that the greatness of a good party is about the adventures you have, the people you connect with, and the chats, crazy shenanigans and ideas that flow from such meetings of souls. :)

For everyone who has come along on this crazy ride so far, you have my deepest gratitude and respect, I am honoured to know every last one of you <3

Love to the tribes