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well, we lived fast, died young, and left a legendary t-shirt.  But, having created this cool little brand, we remind ourselves that we're not about brands, and are definitely not interested in leveraging our brand for commercial gain, or to take it to the next level, or to transform anyone, or transform ourselves, or any of that shit.  If you're one of the people who came up to me at some other party and wanted to talk about this one, and asked if it was happening again because now you want to come, the answer is, nah mang, you missed it.

Brands are great if you're all about open-ness, inclusing, trying to save the world, or trying to sell shit to the world.  Personally, I like hanging with weird people and talking shit while listening to sweet tunes. I'm decent at making friends, so i enjoy that too - however, this gathering is held at my home - which - i share with a tribe of rad hippies, who don't always like your kind in these here parts. This is a major part of why this event has been so carefully nurtured and anti-marketed. Cos it's simply, and honestly, a massive bribe to convince all the weirdo's i've met over the years, to come visit at the same time.  That's it, honestly, there's no paycheque in this for me, never was, never will be (unless someone else is in charge of collecting donations and randomly decides to pay me - which would be stupid because you know i'd just shout everyone drinks or blow it on flying someone in to play for us.) 

Anyways - 2017 is upon us. We need to restructure, rename, vanish from the mass consciousness, maybe do some workshops or something. I want to build that supermegaultimatetreehouse - really - and unless you're someone i've met already, or are keen to come do yoga or build something, create something, add something, or at least write a decent rant to introduce yourself, well jeez... 

I'd like to say there'll be something going on this year, it's a special year.  If my long-suffering tribe are cool with it, we'll build some stuff, have a few drinks, kick back, swim, play some music maybe.  If you don't know what's up, get better friends.   :)  Call this a hint, or not a hint, or just random ranting cos that's what i do.  

Now, we return you to your regular program of raving lunacy.  Mwah <3 


Deliverance may return, but only when this takes place. If you would like to help make this happen, or just miss it and feel you could speed the process with your expert advice or energy input, contact the host.

He really likes essays and people who say hi. Open source is a great model. Let's explore that.

My friends out there, I trust you, and if you know me, you know i'll debate, veto, reply with a 10 page essay, but, i'll also gratefully accept your advice, and i've always invited you to have more of a say... cos at the end of the day, the only reason i want to do this, is so you'll all visit me at the same time, once or twice a year... and best case, I won't lose a ton, pay friends late, and (holy shit, that'd be rad) get to hang with you guys and see some great music and not be constantly running around making sure each and every little thing is okay. Keeps me fit, but I'm getting old, I can't sustain that indefinitely, much as i love you all, haha.

get involved, have input!  OWN THIS. 

log the fuck on



You can find a little more info on what we're about in the ABOUT section, along with sections on the music, art, and other stuff we have put together for your enjoyment this year.

We hope you'll get to know us, and come check out our beautiful home - and we especially love to see familiar faces from the past - we've been slowly but surely building our site infrastructure - a little each year, and we'd love for any creative or building type people especially to feel welcome to get in touch, and perhaps come anytime before the event and actually co-create a space for us all to return to year after year.  Don't be shy! Say Hi!  (you can tell friends about this via the link buttons below, or on our semi-public event page on Facebook - Here

Delivrance 2014 Promo from NOli GANDA on Vimeo.