Online Applications

All Aplications are now closed.  Lets roll :)

we don't have any more paid gigs going (crew party, always loses money, last one, soz)
This includes petty money, extra tix, workshops, volunteers, DJ's, anyone.

with the following exceptions:
event crew personally known to our event crew as hardworking legends, of course we'll find something for you (especially pre-event)
we might consider ticket trade (but not travel, soz, you either want to be here or you don't) for actual tangible structural stuff that you would personally yourself enjoy at your own house party, or things that lower our break-even so that that guy (me) who usually is the only one not having fun, isn't sweating cos he let you in free.

Generators, shade structures, lasers, lighting, water tanks, things that doof community need as BASIC survival shit, we love you. come chat - otherwise, we only need pre-event staff with proven experience, rest is covered. k thx bai.
(plz direct all enquiries via appropriate channels - contact lulubelle pixie or ask via any event crew already involved, apart from ranty, unless you personally know him and it's super awesome.)