Our musical slots are limited to betwen 40 and 50 slots in total.  Unlike most parties, we are a single stage event, believing that this brings a unity effect without audio-clash and allows for the entire party to be on the same wave together, while avoiding too much musical monoculture - because we like to hang out with our friends, and our friends like many different styles.

Outdoor Stage

Beginning mid-afternoon on friday, our mainstage features Void Audio sound, courtesy of our brothers at GNS audio - we don't aim to destroy the outdoor environment or our neighbours peace by building the world's largest and loudest sound-system, but aim instead for a quality sound on the d-floor while respecting our environment and family guests. With a river and lush national parks surrounding, a playground for kids within sight of the d-floor, plenty of shade, food and drink close to hand, we believe in the nordic ideals of hygge (the Danish word meaning cosyness) and from our friends in sweden: lagom (meaning, "just the right amount - enough, but not too much) - this vibe sums up Deliverance perfectly.



House Sesh  *Friday/Saturday Wee hours

Because we realise a lot of people drive many hours to arrive late Friday night, and so those who wish to rest up for Saturday can do so, we've decided to move indoors at around 2am Saturday morning - this should keep the energy up and pumping for the more energetic guests, and allow families and the greater local community to not be hammered by mainstage for 3 days straight - peace and win/win is what we're all about. Mainstage will re-open at Dawn, Saturday and continue through to dusk Sunday.



House Sesh *Sunday Closing Session

Featuring Extended "Journey" Sessions by DJ's we feel are capable of creating a nice houseparty style flow - This year we welcome a return redident mix from two DJ's best known for playing slightly different styles to what they'll be performing for our aural pleasure. Both are highly skilled at crowd reading, and we feel giving this pair a little mroe room to breathe will produce a different sound to what many of you may be used to when you've heard them in short 1 hour sets at other events.  We are confident that as always, the Deliveranch Sunday House sesh will live up to it's repuation as a highlight of the event, for those in the know. By this timeslot, we believe you'll have met most eveyrone at the party, and we love the vibe created when we cram as many of you as we can into this smaller space, allowing you to get up close and personal.


Performance / Workshop / Visual

A few awesome people who deserve a ton of props for rocking up to entertain and enlighten you - Often people focus on the music at gatherings like this, but we should never forget the hard work and magic that comes from performance and sharing of knowledge/skills of all kinds.  Big ups to those who dance, flow, teach, and generally brighten things up. <3