Buy Tickets


Wooha! Grats on reading, you found the ticket thingy :)

Don't y'all be trying to buy tickets here though - we haven't launched whatever it is we're doing next, so you'd be donating to some timelords back in 2014. Skip that. Since you're here though, read about our steeze and how we operate - this is a private and non profit event (look, i tried to break even, i sucked, fugedaboudit) anyways... next time.

While we're happy with a crew focused cosy event, and aren't up for large numbers of randoms, if you're a conscious lover of good tunes and good people, here is how you can secure one of only 300 or so  guest camping spots.  We try to plan our logistics to make this the best we can, for those who are here - we're not interested in 1000 people rocking up on the day, that's more trouble and stress than anything. Hence, we don't do gate sales (unless you're crazy and feel like bribing us a rediculously stupid ammount. really. lots. don't corrupt us with your filthy lucre.)

While we understand you're probably a hippie and leave things till the last minute, our logistical planning (and thus a smooth and tasty party) are really really helped by knowing in advance how many people are coming.  To encourage you to commit early, we've discounted tickets for a short while - there are only 100 in each price class.

By chipping in early, you allow us to lock in acts who require expensive transport, without paying last minute prices or messing them around if we simply have to pass. (which is okay, but it's good to give everyone notice, cos they're good peeps).

Anyways, if you're keen, and can, please help out by getting a cheaper ticket, well in advance. Cool? :)

Please note - we've put up all ticket classes as options. For some weird reason, some of you are deliberately buying the more expensive tickets already. Have I told you what a rad person you are yet? No? Well you are. Thank you SO much for caring about the viability of this event. You are too awesome.