Welcome !

Well here we go again - I'd like to welcome you all to join us once more for the 2014 edition.

If you are planning to come - thank you so much!   I know that this year, there are many incredible lineups on offer at some truly massive parties in the same month.  If you're still with us after all this time, i'm so very grateful and I hope you will find this year quite special.

We keep doing this each time, despite the stress and at times heartache, because of you, our incredible friends, and to have you all come from so far away each time, to spend even a few days together in our front yard, is such a beautiful thing.

I personally look forward to seeing new faces and old, and hosting you in our cosy home - and hope to show you that we've made some nice additions to the d-floor and other upgrades which i'll let you discover for yourselves.

Big ups and hope to see you in November. More updates soon, hit subscribe and you'll recieve these notes via email, since facebook seems to be a fairly crappy way to reach people lately.

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